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We're able to maintain our position as leaders in the industry thanks to the hard-working, honest and innovative individuals who make up All Systems. Members of our service team are factory-trained and certified by The National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies and Underwriters Laboratory.

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Gary E. Venable, JR

President, All Systems

Gary is recognized in the systems industry as an expert in operations and project management. His adherence to design best practices have been recognized by Rauland-Borg, as he was elected to the charter team for the Rauland Stellar Group. The Stellar Group designs the implementation strategy for all distributors internationally. He has been sought out by start-up companies, among others to aid in the design of their operations team. Gary has served on numerous committees at his church including missions, outreach and other ministries. He also regularly leads studies and small groups. Gary has a bachelor’s of Architecture & Art History from Drury College, carries numerous IT certifications and has taken several classes at Midwestern Theological Seminary. 


David Govro

Vice President

David Govro has over 20 years of leadership in roles overseeing operations, finance, customer experience, manufacturing and distribution leadership. Throughout his career, he has focused on identifying gaps in process and creating new ways to improve results. He joined All Systems six years ago where his first project was to work with the team to transform how the client experience was delivered and monetized. Since then, the department has consistently improved not only the customer experience process but has increased revenue for the organization year over year. In 2018, David moved into the role of Vice President, where he executes the vision of the organization across multiple teams by ensuring that they are streamlined, cost-conscious and drive results. Additionally, he manages and supports the HR team and supervises all legal contracts. David holds a bachelor’s of science degree in Business Management and Computer Science from Central Methodist University. David is married to his amazing wife Kourtney. They have four boys and enjoy going to their school events and sports games or spending time at the lake.


John F. Kramer

Chief Financial Officer

As the Chief Financial Officer, John is responsible for the finance & accounting function, financial planning & analysis, treasury, tax, risk management, purchasing and payroll. He has over 25 years of experience in the design/construction industry serving in corporate, operations and international roles. John is a dynamic, articulate financial leader who has successfully leveraged the Finance & Accounting functions to increase shareholder value significantly. He has also played a key role in raising capital to finance ownership transitions. As a key member of Executive Strategic Planning teams, he has created investment strategies and developed business plans and financial models to evaluate the feasibility of new initiatives. He has also served as the financial advisor to CEOs and CFOs in foreign countries by creating decision support models to value and optimize assets. In multiple organizations, John was the lead to implement new ERP systems, develop KPIs and dashboard reporting. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his wife and their six children, watching his daughters’ soccer games and playing golf.


Jason Lafferty

Chief Operations Officer

With over 20 years as a system integrator, Jason is recognized among healthcare manufacturers, systems integrators, software development companies, and hospitals as an industry expert in project management and communication design. Jason routinely engaged with projects across the United States to assist with and manage implementation of large scale communication packages. His focus is to manage projects in the Kansas and Missouri area, with acute focus on healthcare.
His degree is in International Business from Mary Crest International University, BSIB. Additionally, he has certifications in the Rauland Suite of products, NICET, EST Fire Alarm, Alphacom intercom, Emerging Integration Software, Connexal Integration Software, and several other industry certifications.

Member of Bicsi, PMI, ASHE, InfraGard, CERT, and PSA Project Management Committee.


Kevin Linden

Chief Technology Officer

As the Chief Technology Officer of All Systems, Kevin is responsible for the strategic development of Information Technology, Solutions Engineering, Consulting and Product Development. With extensive experience in infrastructure architecture, data security, application performance and systems integration, Kevin brings well-rounded expertise in the design of critical communication solutions to All Systems clients. Kevin has led and participated in disaster recovery mitigation efforts for many years and understands the criticality of life safety systems. His background includes leadership roles within organizations focused on wireless communication, hotel/casino, insurance and eCommerce. This diverse experience has provided him with an understanding of the importance of effective communication, integrity and helping clients continuously improve. When Kevin isn’t working, he enjoys spending time with his family, listening to live music or playing golf.


Doug Gertsema

Fire and Security Systems Consultant

Doug works at All Systems as a Fire and Security Systems Consultant and has 13+ years of experience working in the fire and security industry. Before that, Doug spent 18 years working in the Criminal Justice System, managing facilities and ensuring public safety. Doug strives to make customer satisfaction his #1 priority. He provides fire and security systems in commercial and industrial buildings. Utilizing the latest technology and services in medium-to-large facilities, he identifies opportunities to improve safety. He ensures all of your systems are integrated to meet your security needs and maximize your spending. When Doug isn’t working, he enjoys landscaping, watching the Chiefs and KU basketball, spending time with his wife, Sara and their three daughters. Please feel free to contact Doug to help improve your Fire and Security needs at 913-387-0272 or DGertsema@allsyskc.com.


Jim McGurn

Senior Healthcare Systems Consultant

Jim has worked at All Systems as a Sr. Healthcare Systems Consultant for six years and has 15 years of experience working with 160 hospitals, affecting 18,501 patients. His role is to provide Life Safety Systems, to improve patient care and staff satisfaction through the utilization of technology, integrations and clinical support services. Jim’s daughter, sister and aunt are all nurses, so he is very familiar with the challenges of the day to day workload on the clinical staff. Jim identifies opportunities to improve patient and staff efficiency, satisfaction, and retention by offering design-build systems and integrations to meet his client’s needs. All Systems represents the Rauland Nurse Call Communications system, as well as the Centrak Real-Time Locating system. Both of these top-of-the-line brands can greatly improve the productivity of Clinical Staff while improving patient care. We also provide Access Control and Video Surveillance systems to support the safety of your hospital. All Systems specializes in combining Healthcare technologies into a seamless communication system that automates as much of the clinical staff workload as possible. Rauland is the #1 Nurse Call system in the country, chosen by more than 60% of all hospitals.


Stacy D. Menhusen

Education Systems Consultant 

Stacy works at All Systems as an Educational Safety Systems Consultant with five years of experience. She is passionate about school safety and has successfully worked with 2,936 schools across Missouri and Kansas on their Emergency Plans, Access Control and Threat Management Automation Systems. Her work has protected 1,469,648 students in 71,576 classrooms. Stacy’s an active community member who sits on the Board of Hillcrest Hope and the Safe School Symposium. She’s a mother of two, with a senior in high school, and the wife of a police sergeant. She is reminded daily about the threats in the world and works on plans to make schools safer. Twice a year, Stacy plans and leads an active intruder response training program, where All Systems sponsors seats for school districts’ leadership and decision-makers tasked with making our schools safer. All Systems offers the following safety solutions: Rauland TelecenterU U Intercom, Information Boards, and Threat Management Automation Systems, Access Control, CCTV, Fire Alarm and Current System Repairs, Upgrades and training on system utilization. 


Raynard Z Demes

Director of Sales

As the Director of Sales at All Systems, Ray is responsible for the strategic development of sales plans, sales training, third-party vendor relations, new product introductions, and ensures client satisfaction with every purchase. Ray has led sales team domestically and internationally. He is a passionate, high energy, senior sales leader who loves developing client and team relationships to achieve the highest level of satisfaction. His teams have partnered with clients at all levels of organizations, from facilities, owners/principles, c-suite level executives and board members, to meet their budgetary requirements while exceeding their scope of work and expectations. This diverse background has led to higher levels of sales leadership, more efficient sales training, client satisfaction, team building and service. When Ray isn’t working, he enjoys playing golf, poker, reading and spending time with his better half, Linda. 

Greg Dyer

Greg Dyer

Client Experience Manager

Greg joined All Systems in 2014 and leads the Client Experience team. He partners with executives, managers, and team members to develop and maintain strong relationships once the installation of their system is complete. Greg knows through previous experience that open communication is the foundation of continued success. Greg has previous experience managing retail technology stores and was a consultant for a nationally recognized EMR software company. Greg holds a Master’s Degree in Management Information Systems from Park University.

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